The Secret to Loving Your Closet? A Capsule Wardrobe.

The Secret to Loving Your Closet? A Capsule Wardrobe.

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If women were asked to tally up the hours they spend hunting for the perfect outfit, well, they’d probably just stop counting. 


That’d be all fine and good by us—we love clothes, clearly. But most of the time we spend in our closets is spent scrambling for something to wear while fielding thoughts of self-criticism. 


The solution? A capsule wardrobe. 


Capsule wardrobe, explained.  

A capsule wardrobe is a pared-down closet comprised of timeless, well-fitting staples you can wear all year. 


Because you already have the building blocks of your wardrobe in your closet, when a new season rolls around you only have to shop for a few pieces in trendy colors, prints, and silhouettes. 


Why should I have one?

For starters, shopping once per season will save you money (yup, yay). More than that, it saves you time and energy! Which are, ya know, priceless. 


With a capsule, you can count on having a confidence-boosting outfit in your closet for anything you want to attend. 


What should I include? 

Some staples can change with the times, but what’s timeless is timeless: classic shoes, jeans that look and feel fantastic, basic t-shirts, button-downs, and the versatile pieces you wear repeatedly because they fit well and feel the most like you. 


How do I start? 

  1. Pare down your closet to 30ish items. Include basics like tees and jeans, standards like a white blouse and a plain black shirt, and shoes, bags, and accessories you could carry every day. These are your sartorial building blocks.
  2. Fill in the gaps in your capsule with well-fitting, high-quality pieces. 
  3. Add seasonal trends, but not in excess. 
  4. Wear only these items for the next three months. 
  5. Plan, and shop for the next season at the end of the current season.



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